Nice Things People Have Said About Me

At this point is an early stage database technology startup. The company does not yet have revenue and yet I would still define Jen Arbo as “business critical”. Jen was instrumental in organizing early focus groups, which was stressful at such an early stage but was immensely valuable in very early feedback and providing product direction and priorities. She has also been instrumental in writing the strategic plan, communications material, etc, which although very important often is overlooked in startups. Jen is helping in every area that I, as a application developer, wouldn’t think of and wouldn’t do well.

~Simon Lepine,

[Jen Arbo] has brought a variety of techniques and tools to her work with us.  She rapidly bumped up the quality of our information management and clarity in reporting tools. Jen supported us in distilling key messages and translating them to alternative and new stakeholders.  Jen has proven she can draw on our specialised knowledge while adding value in communication with other sectors who don’t share the same professional vocabulary.  Communication is something of a dying art these days, but Jen Arbo can still make sure you nail it!

~Jessica Schneider, Executive Director, Massey Theatre Society

“I tend to try to take on more than I should or CAN handle, easily become disorganized and super overwhelmed. With Jen’s business coaching, I actually felt a sense of accomplishment and organization that I rarely find on my own. She’s great at holding me accountable for completing tasks, following through on projects and letting me talk things through before starting up a new idea. The value for me in committing to being coached long term ensures I keep up with my own workload but continue to follow my passion to create new things! I highly recommend Jen’s services to anyone who needs a little help keeping up with work-life, especially if it prevents you from having a life-life!”

~Stefania Butkovic, Owner/Operator, Mindful Mutts