I like cactuses and other tiny plants, strong tea, snug socks, and working with people.

I’m an accountability coach*, and provide business owners with a variety of supports to make their businesses stronger and their lives filled with more equilibrium.

At weekly or monthly meetings, I help clients set goals, develop plans, and find tools to get there. I can also take care of some tasks, like project management, content creation, strategy, websites, graphic design, research, and event management.

* Basically, I’m a professional nag, only more fun. 

Read on, for more about me and my company. 

About Me

I have owned and operated a consulting business for nearly 10 years. It started as a partnership called Hyack Interactive. We offered social media and strategy development services back in the day when you outsourced social media to “specialists” because no one was trained in it for their communications degrees. In 2014, I set out on my own and honed my project management and technical skills, and began to specialize in non-profits and small businesses.

Over the years I have come to realize I enjoy working with the people much more than the technical stuff (though I’m certainly capable of the technical stuff) and I had numerous clients asking for my tips on how to stay focused, set goals, and stay organized. I enjoy helping people feel mentally less burdened by task lists and email inboxes.

Jen Arbo Consulting is the evolution of my own business ownership. I teach my clients that willingness to change is a necessary part of a business.


I believe in being genuine, honest, and reliable in all aspects of my life, including what I bring to the table as a consultant. For me, my work and personal life blend, and you can find my personal profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

Next steps?

Get in touch if you’re curious what it looks like to work with an accountability coach. I charge by the hour or a monthly flat fee, but a first meet is always a no-charge, no-pressure, in-person tea or coffee date in New West so we can see what each other needs and wants.